We are a games development team called Something Beautiful.
Music is art, Sketches are art, Storylines are ,
But only
an open mind will connect arts with mathematics to create Something Beautiful.
This is how we create games. Game making gamemake
gre programowanie pixel
art c++ online
indie studio visual rpg maker  

- Storywriting
- Concept Art
- Sound Develop
- Graphics
- Programming


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-Do you want to have your original computer game?
-Are you looking for "an out of crowd" present for your loved one?
Or maybe you are just trying to impress your friends?

We are offering a product especially for this kind of occasions.
From only a price of a few quid you will get a game especially done for you.

An RPG game in which you fight against the terrorists.
The game starts on the Russian-Ukrainian border

TrollWitch is a fast arcade game with ambient music and graphics.

A heroic dog from the ANDROID/PC Game will be called after Your four-legged friend...

Details of the offer can be found here
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and the airplane that flies across the sky will be carrying posters with the wishes to you loved one.

Details of the offer can be found here
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Of course, we will not forget the extra lifes for your hero in the game.
Additionaly we will also take care of your nickname to be written in the Title Page, in the list of the game's creators as a storyliner.

we are awaiting your orders under this address:

[email protected]

Details of the offer can be found here
/you need to login first/
We are also opened to any orders regarding creating the game from the scratch.
We are specialising in an advanced A.I. for the 2D games, we also take care of refreshing old retro-games.
A.I. doesn't only consist of difficult NPCs in arcade games, but also other types such as logic games, i.e.
checkers etc.

Each game consists of dedicated and never played before songs and sfx.

Any question can be directed on:
[email protected]

Kind Regards!

team Something Beautiful