We are a games development team called Something Beautiful.
Music is art, Sketches are art, Storylines are ,
But only
an open mind will connect arts with mathematics to create Something Beautiful.
This is how we create games. Game making gamemake
gre programowanie pixel
art c++ online
indie studio visual rpg maker  

- Storywriting
- Concept Art
- Sound Develop
- Graphics
- Programming


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13th January 2014
Two newses: First one's good. From today T800 is joining the projects. He will take care of everything relating to the projects, I will be left with programming. It should go faster and smoother.
The bad news is that we have lost a graphics artist. Soda Genius we wish you good luck, and many finished cool games which we will play with pleasure.
1st January 2014
We are proud to announce that we are starting with a new game. Genius idea and awesome graphics come from Vladd, we are concentrating on the coding and porting of a game on different platforms.
More about this project in the WiP section.
30th December 2013
Hey guys!
As the good old 2013 is coming to an end, we have chosen to take part in a competition that finishes in January 2014.
We are planning to make 3 to 4 games for the competition.
The competition is called the Tizen challenge, and the games developed will be ported on the Tizen.
The first prize is an epic $10 000, second is $2500 and the third prize is a $1000.
Wish us luck everybody.
As the year finishes we, here at the Something Besutiful Team would like to wish A Great New Year, and of course Merry Christmas to everybody that support us!
We are getting ready for the Ludum dare 26th games' competition.
We are planning not to sleep for 72 hours, and to create a really fun game.
We will try for it to be our first Android application.
The plan is to make three games, one per member, at the same time.
We have joined the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 competition,

we have already enlisted and passed the first stage.
Second Stage is representing a national competition.
The third stage will be in St Petersburg, Russia.
The main award is $50k!!!